Getting started

Simple signup, solid support. This is what we do.

Getting started at GoWest couldn't be easier.

Providing custom solutions is what we do

We operate under the premise that each customer and account is an opportunity for a unique business-to-business relationship. Rather than prescribing cookie-cutter hosting plans, we prefer to match our pricing and services to your actual requirements.

Whether you're in need of basic cloud hosting, Mura CMS hosting or your own dedicated web, database or email servers, we'll provide a solution that fits your needs and meets your budget.

Drop us a line to ask about your custom requirements, migration assistance, or anything else that's on your mind.

Choosing a Plan

Don't sweat it. GoWest makes this easy.

It all comes down to a few simple choices: Are you looking to host a single website, or do you have more than one site for your company or your clients?  Would you like us to handle customer support directly, or would you prefer a white label service, where we back up your own customer support, incognito?

Any of our fully-managed hosting plans can be adjusted to fit your specifications, often at no extra cost. 
If you'd rather define your requirements and get a quick price without choosing a plan, contact us anytime (see freestyle hosting).

Since 2003, GoWest Hosting has managed online services for government agencies, financial corporations, tourism offices, small businesses and corporate entities in most of the 50 US states as well as the UK, EU,  Australia, Asia and Africa.  Coast to coast and around the world, there's nothing too big, small, custom or complex for us to handle.

Contact our sales office for help getting up to speed quickly with just the right services, at the right price.

Reseller Hosting

Set your own prices and create your own hosting plans.

Sell our services to your customers with complete confidence, and let us help you meet your goals and increase your profit. Instead of pushing your web design clients onto third party services with intermittent support, let alone less-than-devoted interest in your company's long-term prosperity, we will have your back from day one. 

Seriously, we'll make this easier than you may have envisioned it. We provide the server space, the email, the database management and rock-solid nightly backups, and you sell the services to your customers. Build your sites, launch your projects, use FTP or Git or any other means you like to develop sandbox applications on our services, and we'll work with you from start to finish to make sure all goes well. 

Our industry-leading WebHost Manager and Plesk Control Panel suites allow for granular management of your own products, pricing, security settings and more from ground-level to growth. You are our top priority, and your customers get the same level of attention. 

Drop us a line anytime to learn how we can support you, your customers, and your long-term profitability as a hosting provider backed by GoWest. 

Developer Resources

Need a little sandbox space, or somewhere stable to run a demo?

We've got you covered.

As developers, we understand the complications of finding live server space you can depend on. GoWest was founded on that very concept.
We also understand the transient nature of potential projects, demos, and software development. There are times you  don't really need a  full-fledged hosting subscription or long term contract, just as there are potential projects that may or may not play out. That's fine. We get it. 

If we can help you launch your app, present your ideas, or simply test your code against a server running Adobe ColdFusion, Lucee or php, on a Windows or Linux platform, we will do our best to accommodate. 

Looking for something in particular? Contact us anytime