GoWest CMS Hosting

Developer-Friendly Content Management

When utilitizing a robust Content Management System (CMS) application, your website becomes much more than a collection of files and pages. The hosting environment is critical to the success and performance of your CMS. From our fully-supported independent database servers to our suite of URL rewriting options for Wordpress, Mura CMS and others, our servers are optimized to hande a wide array of CMS-driven sites. 

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Mura Hosting by Mura Developers

GoWest Hosting is a premier recommended hosting provider for Mura CMS. Backed by the same great support and CFML-friendly services as our shared hosting plans and professional reseller hosting packages, our Mura Hosting services include a suite of robust resources fine-tuned for the demands of even the most active Mura CMS sites. All Mura Hosting accounts include FREE Mura CMS installation!

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CMS Setup / Customization Assistance

GoWest Hosting is run by developers, for developers, and our services go beyond those of a standard hosting company. Custom programming services from GoWest Web are available to GoWest Hosting customers at discounted package rates. We specialize in rapid application development, database setup and customization, and an assortment of Content Management Systems. Contact us to find out more about subcontracting, ColdFusion programming, and other available services. Also see our Cartweaver eCommerce hosting and programming options.

We Specialize in App-Friendly Servers

Whether starting a new website or moving an existing web application, you will have all the tools required for popular systems like Wordpress (Windows or Linux) or ColdFusion CMS apps such as Mura CMS, Mango Blog, Savvy and more (Windows/CF plans). Our Windows servers support Helicon APE which uses standard Apache rewrite syntax for "friendly URLs", and our Linux accounts include a free Fantastico Wordpress installer.

Every new account comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, providing ample time to copy files, set up your database and make sure everything works as expected with no risk to you or your bottom line. Our only customers are happy customers. Sign up today and find out why.

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