Choosing Your Hosting Plan

Which Plan is Right for You?

For a single site, choose the Windows basic plan.
For multiple sites with a single control panel login, choose one of our multi-pack plans.
For multiple sites with separate secure accounts, select a reseller hosting plan.
For Mura CMS, including free installation, select one of our tailor-made  Mura hosting plans.

If you don't see something you're looking for, contact us anytime. We welcome your custom requests. 
Our goal is to provide the best solution for your specific business needs.

Simple Solutions

Choosing the plan that's best for your business comes down to a few basic decisions:
single or multiple sites, standard or reseller options, and for reseller plans, Windows or Linux*.
All of our hosting plans include premium features and full support.

What's Included?

All accounts come equipped with ample disk space and bandwidth, fully supported email services (where specified), onboard analytics, multiple server language and database options, and all of the great support and peace of mind that comes with a fully-managed hosting account.  See our Features and Highlights page for a list of Hosting Plan options. 

What is "Reseller Hosting"?

GoWest Hosting specializes in providing "silent partner" support for professional web design shops and developers around the globe. As such, we offer an array of plans and features which allow for a completely seamless rebranding of our hosting services. With a reseller account, you can easily place your own logo, links and other custom information into the Control Panel system, and allow for separate individual login accounts for each site or user. Our simple onboard tools allow you to set up your own hosting plans, complete with custom prices, features, and options, and offer our hosting to your customers in any way you see fit, at any price you like, all from the convenience of a single master account.

All Reseller Hosting accounts are fully managed. Let us handle the hardware, software updates and other "tech stuff" while you provide top-notch services to your customers!

More About GoWest Reseller Hosting

Windows vs. Linux

For our reseller hosting customers, GoWest offers a choice of hosting platforms*. Designers, CFML developers, and those famliar with the Windows platform love our IIS standard or reseller hosting plans with the Website Panel control panel, unlimited ColdFusion DSNs and other management tools, with both MS SQL and MySQL database options. Wordpress developers, dedicated PHP programmers, and those more accustomed to cPanel/WebHost Manager control panel systems are right at home with our Linux Reseller or VPS plans. Whichever you choose, you'll get the same great support and complete peace of mind included with all GoWest Hosting accounts. 

Hosting Plans Highlights & Features

Special Orders Are Our Specialty

Our job is to make your job easier. If there is any way we can be of service, don't hesitate to ask! For help selecting the best plan or to discuss specific requirements, feel free contact us anytime.

*ColdFusion/ASP.Net & Microsoft SQL Server available on Windows accounts only. Linux plans are available for VPS Reseller customers. For a single site, choose our Windows Basic plan.